The world's first happiness program for entrepreneurs

"Running a start-up is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss. After a while, you stop staring, but the glass chewing never ends."
Elon Musk
Entrepreneurship is lonely, tough and full of uncertainty. Often entrepreneurs are unable to disassociate themselves from their companies leading to stress, depression and in some cases even suicide.
What is the Happy Entrepreneur?

A mastermind? A health session? A retreat?

The answer is it is all of the above and much more. The happy entrepreneur program is a curated experience that helps you disconnect and recharge your spirit. We offer a little bit of everything from healing to networking, from reflection to self realisation. It's a membership to an exclusive community of committed entrepreneurs.
Why choose Happy Entrepreneur?
If you are looking for an immersive experience that can help transform your life then look no further.
It's not just the activities and workshops that are curated, it's also the fellow participants! We carefully curate an eclectic mix of entreprenuers who could add value to each other
Nature and Fresh Air
Time spent in nature has been shown to greatly enhance one's overall well-being and relations with others. Green environments reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, improve self-esteem, and enhance cognitive ability and concentration.
Creative Workshops
The Programs provides an uplifting and restorative experience. It's thoughtfully designed to equip you with tools, techniques and know how to build a happier life.
So what can you expect?

- Unique workshops that test your skills, thoughts and beliefs.
- Outdoor vibe, unplugged from day to day, with farm fresh healthy meals.
- Solutions to business problems, new perspective, new skills.
- A network of entrepreneurs you can trust, enjoy being around and friends for life.

Next batch starts
17-19 April
Hurry as each batch accommodates a maximum of 8-10 participants only.
Meet our team
The program will be facilitated by fellow entrepreneurs, renowned coaches, therapists, coaches & fitness gurus.

Jay Kumar Hariharan
Executive Coach & Author
Namrata Sudindhra
Renowned Yoga Expert
Dr. Divya Kamawat
Award winning Psychologist & Art therapist
Darshan M
Serial Entreprenuer & Start up Mentor
J Krishnan
Mentor & founder The Indic Way
Pragya Bhatt
Yoga Expert & Author
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