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Ancient Order of Indian Assassins
Alexander the great, was undefeated in battle and is widely considered to be one of history's greatest and most successful military commanders. His military achievements and unprecedented enduring successes in battle made him the measure against which many later military leaders would compare themselves, and his tactics remain a significant subject of study in military academies worldwide.
Alexander’s army conquered most of the world and reached the borders of ancient India. Something strange happened when they got there, the army revolted and refused to march forward. Alexander had to turn back.

So what is the secret reason that made the great Alexander stop and turn back home?
Who was the Nanda Empire ruling ancient India then?
What secret weapon did they have to frighten Alexander the Great?
And what is that secret that led to the destruction of the great Nanda Empire?
How did that great empire give way to the Mauryan Empire?

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The answers to all these questions and much more..
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Cherapunjee is a transmedia company that creates entertainment Intellectual Property (IP) that is rooted in Indian culture, heritage, and ethos.

Our IPs transcend the medium, from comic books to board games, from cinema to live events, and from social media to web3.

From India, for India and the world.

Our Vision
Storytelling is an art that uncovers truths, sparks imagination, provokes thought, and creates unforgettable memories.

A passion for exploration and a 'spirit of wonder' is at the core of our philosophy.

We aspire to entertain, educate and get our audiences to think through our stories.
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Our storytelling is medium agnostic
Narrative Art
From comic strips to graphic novels, we are leading the reinvigoration of narrative art forms.
We create immersive experiences and unforgettable moments through our live events.
Merchandising is a form of storytelling. Every artifact we produce will have a story behind it.
Motion Pictures
Feature Films, OTT series, Mobile Shorts, and Social Media Clips are some of the ways we bring stories to life.
Sound & Voice
Audio is the oldest form of story telling from one generation to another. We are reviving the same through music, podcasts, and storytelling festivals.
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